Mandatory Training for Care and Medical Staff

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This one day course is designed for candidates who work as nurses, carers, or in allied health professions in hospitals, residential homes, dental practices or recruitment agencies. In order to be compliant with your workplace you need mandatory training which includes all the following modules:

Manual Handling

Basic Life Support

Complaints Handling


COSHH Data Protection

Fire Safety

Food Handling

Handling Violence and Aggression

Health & Safety

Infection Control

Lone Worker


Risk Assessment, Incident Reporting

Safeguarding of Children (POCA)

Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults (POVA)

The Caldicott Protocols

The content of these modules is suitable for annual updates and refresher training or is suitable as part of the induction of new starters. We deliver all modules in one day so that you save your time and money. Also, we issue certificates to all candidates on the same day.

The aim of mandatory training is to promote safer working practices within the work place.  At Aurum Training we offer professional training courses to corporate and individual clients throughout UK. Our courses includes all mandatory modules relevant to the sector you are working in.

If you think you do not need all the modules listed in our one day training course  or you need modules which are not included in our list then please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibility of creating your own training package.
We follow international and national standard and guidelines set up by authorities such as The Health and Safety Executive (HSE), Resuscitation Council, Back Care, General Dental Council, Open College Networks (OCNs), The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH).

Aurum Training can deliver all your regulatory training needs when you need it, where you need it and how you need it delivered (relevant, bespoke courses).

Benefits for learners:

The Mandatory Programme will help to improve the standard of care and service delivery across different industry sectors. The programme aims to ensure that:

  • Certificates contain each module’s content and are therefore recognised in the whole of UK. This helps for example agency workers to work across different agencies without the need to repeat training when joining a new agency
  • Staff and organisations are compliant with relevant regulations and guidelines – both national and international
  • Workplace risks are assessed and minimised
  • Negligence, accidents and incidents are reduced
  • Staff, patient, service users, visitors and staff are safer
  • Skills and knowledge are developed that can be transferred across the sector you are employed in
  • Re-training is minimised as staff move between organisations
  • Ability to engage with the subject areas saving time and in a cost effective way as training is delivered in one day and certificates are issued immediately after the end of the course

Benefits for organisations:

  • A standardized framework against which to deliver and assess mandatory skills
  • A flexible means of getting staff to undertake mandatory training
  • A cost effective delivery method with the possibility of reduced face-to-face delivery time; and minimised retraining as staff move from organisation to organisation
  • The assurance of an accredited curriculum, mapped against key national standards that will build towards the KSF, Standards for Better Health, CNST requirements, therefore reducing organisational insurance burdens


The Mandatory Training for Carers and Nurses is available at £50.00 per person (no extra cost).

Please contact us if you would like more information on our standard courses, or bespoke development work.

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